NAMEEljth of the Atoel
ALIASESAnteus (An • tae • us) Sun, Sunderfist (no longer in use)
NAMEDAY14th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
AGEAppears twenty, is actually in his mid-thirties
GENDERCis male (he/him)
EYE COLORGrey, small pupils and irises
ALIGNMENTChaotic Neutral
OCCUPATIONMercenary (current), Pugilist (self-taught), Archer (tribe)
DIETYOschon, the Wanderer
WORLDMateus, Crystal (NA)
TRIBE STATUSForcibly outcast
ORIENTATIONDemi/asexual, poly, no gender preference
SHIP STATUSMarried to Ardent Sun
STRENGTHSTenacious, resourceful, straightforward, honest
WEAKNESSESUnsocial, paranoid, hot-headed, apathetic
FIRST IMPRESSIONSStandoffish, almost like a shy cat, but not openly hostile
AUDITORYA mid-tone voice (low tenor)
OLFACTORYSmells like herbal medicines and earthy scents


  • Scars littering his entire body, most notably on his face — gouging out the left side of his upper lip.

  • Tattered ears, both of which are cut off at some point, the left being ripped and the right being punctured clean through.

  • Scars are in line with a seasoned fighter, most of which look to be narrowly escaped death-wounds.



  • Anteus is a character that has endured a lot of trauma, and will not react well to: being touched, sudden movements, and loud noises.

  • It is very difficult for him to develop emotional attachment towards others. Deep and lasting bonds can develop with enough time, and patience — romantic or platonic.

  • With that in mind, Anteus does not trust easily. He is extremely cautious of everyone he meets, and assumes most mean to harm him. As such, depending on how he is approached, Anteus might even react violently, punching first and asking questions later.


  • He is paranoid, and will always stick close to doors, or curl in on himself to seem smaller.

  • While he isn't very emotive, he will nervously pick at his nails and clothing when speaking with others.

  • He avoids eye contact, and will generally keep his gaze on people's hands and feet to see how they move.

  • He enjoys woodcarving, and finds the best way to not pick at his own skin is to have a piece of wood in his hands to whittle. He's quite good too, and can make things upon request for others.


  • He often enjoys fishing, and when he has the chance to take leave from his mercenary duties, he can be found doing so at any body of water nearby.

  • He has a fondness for sunny days, and where he feels comfortable enough to do so, will cat-nap in any rays he can find.

  • Golmoran orchids remind him of home.


  • Chocolates, honeyed treats, and candied fruits. Sweets are one thing he can't resist.

  • Enjoys Moko grass when in the right company.


  • Soft things; while he won't touch without permission, he will stare at any soft material with the desire to pet it.

  • He enjoys hunting quite a bit, and often reminisces over his hunts in the jungle.

  • He prefers the company of honest people, which is a bit contradictory considering he mostly associates with criminals. Still, with how much anxiety he has, he will appreciate honesty over anything else.


  • He has a deep-rooted fear of Garleans, as they were the ones who thrust him into the fighting pits, years ago.

  • Loud noises, primarily the sound of guns, make him anxious.

  • Being touched without warning or permission, no matter how chaste or friendly, will typically earn a hostile reaction.

  • Major cities are usually avoided, as he hates noisy and crowded places. Still, you might be able to find him in one, when he has a reason to go.

  • He generally avoids drinking, as he worries about losing his senses and being ambushed while inebriated.


art by me

art by @painicillin and @SN4KES_ on twitter, respectively.



  • Villainous/antagonistic characters.

  • Fellow viera, especially if they're from the Atoel tribe.

  • Criminal connections, especially wherever unsanctioned fighting pits are.

  • Plot-focused RP, preferably with emphasis on serious, dark, or mature themes. I also hold preference for fully fleshed-out characters.

  • Horror RP is a huge love of mine, and I'm always a fan of receiving and giving it!


  • Anteus is always fidgeting and acting either like he's a suspicious person, or suspicious of you. It's probably best that you approach calmly... and slowly.

  • Sometimes Anteus can be caught whittling, just to keep his hands busy. If you're nice and buy him some cocoa or cake, he might even make you something, too.

  • If you are a pit fighter or frequently attend pit fights, you would likely know Anteus' appearance, as he still makes most of his gil from them.

  • Anteus wears the insignia of Ala Mhigo. Though he isn't a citizen of the city-state, he does fight beneath their banner. It's possible that you recognize him either from expeditions or from around Rhalgar's.


  • You may have heard of an infamous male Viera said to be a fighter in one of the sketchier fighting rings. Though it's only through word of mouth, Anteus matches the description of said Viera.


  • They fought in, or frequently are a patron of, the bloodsands.

  • They have a hand in illegal dealings, where Anteus has played bouncer or as participant in bloodsports for coin.

  • They fight for, with, or against the Ala Mhigan resistance.


Hello, please call me Morgane (she/they). I hope you enjoyed reading about Anteus! A bit about me: I'm 21+, French-Caribbean, and queer.I am in the PST time zone, but I'm also a full-time medical student so my availability in game is hit or miss. As such, if you enjoyed Anteus' carrd and would like to set something up, feel free to DM me on twitter or in game. I love meeting new people and making friends!As a note, I am still new to FFXIV, so I am still learning the lore. If anything I have written goes against lore, I am open to constructive criticism. That being said, anything that isn't constructive nor said with good intentions, will result in me simply ignoring you and enjoying my RP regardless.I am a huge horror buff, and as such, I tend to gravitate towards darker and more mature themes. I love writing a lot, as it's a favored hobby of mine, and so typically when I write I will gravitate towards plot-driven and multi-para/long form roleplay. I can do short form too, long form is simply my preference.Discord RP/Plotting is available upon request.IC does not equal OOC and bleeding will not be tolerated. RP is supposed to be fun, and I can engage with and drop it any time it stops being that. This needs to be respected, otherwise you will be blocked.All art on this carrd was drawn by myself.


  • I do not write with anyone under 21. Minors, DNI.

  • I do not interact with self-inserts.

  • I am not lore-strict, but I would rather RP with characters that align with FFXIV's world. No modern, real-life, WoW-transfered, or CRAU characters please.

  • I do not interact with fetish characters. People who refer to their character as futa, femboy, or trap will be ignored.


While I am very comfortable writing smut/NSFW content, Anteus is not an ERP alt.By nature of his character, getting to the point of trust necessary to have sex will take a very long time. Please respect me and my character's boundaries in regard to this.